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Customizing A Rare VW-based Purvis ‘Eureka’ In A Futuristic Anime Style!

The official name of this futuristic supercar is the "Purvis Eureka", which was built as a kit car by an Australian coachbuilder in 1975. This car, believed to be the only one still in existence in Japan, has been transformed into a futuristic car by its owner, Ryu-chan.

Spoon Sport’s Honda ‘NSX-R GT’ Sold For 368,000 USD

On 29 February 2024, a Honda NSX-R GT by Spoon was offered at an auction held by Bonhams in Amelia, Florida, USA. The car competed in the 2008 Macau GP Road Sports Challenge, finishing third in class. The price at which it was sold was a result that Japanese racing fans were very proud of.

Toyota’s Station Wagon ‘Mark II Qualis’ Was A ‘Camry Gracia’ Inside

The Mark II Qualis was introduced in April 1997 as a new model of the Toyota Mark II Wagon. Although the front mask and tail lamps wore a design similar to that of the eighth-generation Mark II, the platform was not for the RWD Mark II but for the FWD Camry Gracia. Why was a 4WD model added to the line-up, which the previous generation did not have?

Did The Honda ‘NSX’, A Former Press Test Car, Find A Buyer?

On 24 February 2024, a Honda NSX Type T was offered at an auction held by Iconic Auctioneers at Silverstone Circuit in the UK. The vehicle on display was a publicity vehicle prepared for loan to the media in the UK. We are pleased to report an interesting hammer price.

Autozam ‘AZ-3’ Was A Longtime Seller In The Shadow Of The ‘AZ-1’

The Autozam AZ-3 was introduced in 1991 as a sibling of the Eunos Presso. While the Presso targeted single men and women who valued their individuality, the AZ-3 was a model with a lighter, sportier flavour. What kind of car was the AZ-3, whose name is not heard as often today as that of the AZ-1?

Toyota ‘Cynos’, A Secretary’s Car That Was Cheaper Than The Kei-car

The Toyota 'Cynos', introduced in 1991, was a two-door coupe model based on the Tercel/Corsa/Corolla II and was available in two models: 'Alpha' and 'Beta'. 1995 saw a full model change, and the second generation of the Cynos was also two Two models are available. The new α model is an attractive model with a low price of 934,000 yen (approx. 6160 USD). We look back at the car again.

Fiat 500 ‘Bespoke’ Can Be Coordinated To Your Liking

The Nostalgic 2 Days, held on 17-18 February 2024, was a major motor show where old and out-of-print cars took center stage. This time, the MUSEO DELLA CINQUECENTO exhibited a 1970 Fiat 500, which was stylishly coordinated in gold and blue.

Nostalgic Kei-car Suzuki ‘Fronte Coupe’ Was A Micro Sport Car

The Nostalgic 2 Days motor show, held on 17-18 February 2024, was a major motor show where old and out-of-print cars took center stage. From that venue, this issue introduces the Suzuki Fronte Coupe, a 360cc-era kei-car that debuted in 1971.